Ivan Fernandez

Hi, my name is Ivan Fernandez and I want to show you how you can become a brand new version of you. I combine a powerful set of skills to get amazing results.
Hypnosis will help you feel great again. I promise you I will do anything and everything that I have learned all these years as a hypnotist to help you transform your life forever.

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Stress / Anxiety

“It may surprise you how once you take this new approach how easily and quickly you alleviate stress and eliminate anxiety/panic attacks.”

Thin / Gastric

“The process of hypnotherapy enables a person to successfully lose weight naturally in a safe way. Through recognizing your personal underlying triggers which cause over eating and learning techniques to deal with these emotions you can reset your mind to create a new healthier relationship with food”


“If you feel you are ready and willing to quit smoking, this is the way to end your relationship with smoking without the fear you will rebound to the craving or gain weight in the break up process”

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“I had some relationship issues and needed help. Ivan was amazing, He helped me through everything and managed to help me with my relationship. I wouldn’t been able to do it without him.”

Chris, Co. Dublin

“Thank you, Ivan, I don’t really think about smoking at all and delighted to be done with the cigarettes. Trying to focus now on eating better, getting some exercise and less booze. Thanks”

Brian, Co. Dublin

Download Audio 15 minutes hypnosis for relaxation

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